Summit Fieldstone Full Height

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Key Features
This rough stone texture features large wide stones with an average grout joint ¾” wide and ¾” deep.
Stones are designed with rough angular sides to randomize layout and create the rustic appearance of hand laid field stones.

Full Height MSE Liner Specifications
Maximum relief: 1 ½”
Average relief: 1”
Grout Joint Ave Width: 3/4”
Max Stone Size: 46” w x 11 ½” h
Min Stone Size: 11 ½” w x 3” h
Liner Thickness 2 ½”
(Plywood Backed)
Liner Dimension 9’ 9” w x 4’ 10 ¾” h

Special Note
Width includes ½”
smooth border on each side

Height includes 1 ¾”
grout joint on top of each liner to help match stone field spacing with segmental MSE panels