Patented Precast System

Our innovative Stacker System is unlike any on the market. With a patented precast form, our licensees can enjoy exclusive benefits that elevate their business.

The Highest Quality

Sold at a fraction of the cost of stone or brick, the two-sided wall and column design of the Verti-Crete system is more durable than other materials yet still boast the distinctive look of stone masonry. Best of all, installation is fast and each wall can be stained to suit any property.

The Most Efficient System

The most unique characteristic of the Stacker System is that our molds are poured vertically, allowing double-sided patterns. Using half the labor compared to traditional systems while minimizing error and improving efficiencies, this system can produce up to 960 square feet of wall in a 10 x 14-foot area.

High Margins of Profitability

Our Verti-Crete walls, pillars, window wells and other precast products boast exceptional margins for producers. With minimal investment in labor and site space, licensees can pour up to 2,600 linear feet per month and then use excess concrete for future projects.

Contact Verti-Crete

Verti-Crete is ideal for a variety of landscaping projects like residential communities, commercial campuses, schools, parks, backyards and more, plus is engineered to use less concrete with the advantage of a superior product. Have questions? We’re thrilled to answer any of them, and welcome visitors to our facility where we’ll show you the versatility and functionality firsthand.

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