Verti-Crete Difference

Creating a precast product that looks as though it was done by hand is something our producers specialize in. The remarkable detailing of our designs and cost-effective efficiencies are unmatched across the market.

Realistic masonry design

The remarkable beauty of hand-pressed work is undeniable. So is the time and cost for everyday projects. That’s why our precasted forms combine the seemingly divergent design of each brick with an innovative vertical-poured method for a stunning detail in each wall.

Easy Installation

Installed over concrete footings with rebar anchors, hollow-core posts are then placed to rest firmly on each concrete base with panels set to fit securely within notches. After each section is squared up and level, the columns are then filled with concrete to secure the connection. This faster and lighter method means less costs for heavy equipment and more profit for your business.

Patented Mold System

By pouring concrete into vertical forms, the results are precast panels that are patterned on both sides and posts and concrete blocks that have smooth, continuous corners. In addition, the vertical alignment of forms allows the concrete to settle more efficiently, meaning the outcome is a wall just as attractive as it is durable and that only Verti-Crete can deliver.

Exceptional Value

Precast concrete is an affordable option to many construction materials such as wood, vinyl or stone masonry, and a Verti-Crete wall involves less labor, less equipment and – ultimately – less cost. Best of all, our walls won’t fade in the sun and can withstand harsh weather changes, so they’ll look just as amazing as the day you installed them years later.


Unlike fragile materials such as wood and vinyl fencing that can suffer from denting, corrosion or fading from UV damage, a precast concrete wall will truly stand the test of time. The unbeatable durability of Verti-Crete walls is a long-term investment that saves you both time and costs.

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