Easy Precast Wall Installation

A Verti-Crete wall isn’t just a stunning concrete wall that can stand the test of time – it’s also easy to install, cutting your time and budget needs significantly.

Simple & Solid Wall Installation

Installed over concrete footings with rebar anchors, hollow-core posts are then placed to rest firmly on each concrete base with panels set to fit securely within notches. After each section is squared up and level, the columns are then filled with concrete to secure the connection. This faster and lighter method means lower costs.

Minimal Equipment & Training

Luckily, panel and post installations can be accomplished with an all-terrain forklift — a much easier alternative than a crane for gaining access on any type of site. Not only does this save costs on pricey machinery, it also saves time on installation, giving you a finished project in no time.

flexible for any environment

No need for specialized requirements that cost extra: Verti-Crete walls can handle any landscape, whether your business or residential property is flat, on a hill or even in a tight corner.

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