Our Company

History of Verti-Crete

Verti-Crete’s heritage in the precast, concrete, and aggregate business reaches back decades. Our first innovation was a mold for precast window wells; we quickly expanded our unique molding concept into wall panels. However, after experimenting with traditional flat pouring, we realized the only way to replicate the same molded finish on both sides of a concrete wall would be to stand the form up and pour it vertically. And thus the “Verti-Crete” name and system was born.

Verti-Crete Expands to Licensing

In 2002, Verti-Crete, LLC was formed to manufacture and license the use of our highly successful mold and form system. Other precast companies quickly realized this unique system is more efficient, stable, and easier to install than traditional precast methods. Today, our many licensees and contractor partners appreciate the expertise of our staff who have years of industry experience.

Continued Growth

Since 2003, Verti-Crete has been welcoming our precast concrete licensees throughout the United States and internationally. Today, with one patent secured and several other patents pending, Verti-Crete licenses the use of the its proprietary mold and form systems to precasters across the World.

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