Verti-Crete Walls Climbing Up & Over

Like most precasters, Verti-Crete’s founders began precasting wall panels in horizontal steel beds. Our process “evolved”, however (excuse the pun) into a vertical position, at first to accommodate customer demands for a double-sided wall. What we developed in the process was a system that not only achieved the desired “look” but did so in an extraordinarily efficient way.

The key to the system’s efficiency lies in its unique design.  The Verti-Crete Panel Stacker system is self-supporting, with the strength coming from the heavy-duty steel frame around the perimeter. The steel and polyurethane divider sheets provide the molded stone pattern – a patented seal makes it water tight. The panels are poured at the same time allowing the pressure to be evenly distributed and then captured ultimately by the outside frame. This does away with any need for tie rods (common in pour-in-place walls) that leave unsightly holes that require patching afterwards. The double-sided pattern was always the primary target, but it’s the system’s efficiency that has taken the company from local producer to a global leader in precast wall production.

Featured here is our increasingly popular Durango DryFit texture.