Another Brick in the Verti-Crete Wall

There’s no denying the charm of exposed natural brick.  It’s an elegant balance between modern industrial and rustic chic.  Fired clay brick has been used throughout North America for hundreds of years.  But the cost and maintenance of brick have made it less competitive than precast.  Verti-Crete precast walls are also faster to install, require no continuous footing and require less maintenance in freeze thaw cycles.

Verti-Crete now offers several different brick patterns in addition to its more traditional stone textures.  “This new brick textured wall we just installed is amazing,” said John Walsh of Hawk Precast in Dallas, Texas.  “I’ve never seen a concrete texture look so real.  Many of our customers really like the brick look because it fits with the style of the homes around here.  And with the way we stain the wall you really can’t tell any difference.”

Verti-Crete’s precast fencing system installs much faster than traditional masonry.  And since it installs on top of a pier footing the panel grade can be set to accommodate the flow of surface water where necessary.  Whether you’re looking for an architectural enhancement or a security wall for safety and privacy — Verti-Crete walls are the most attractive, durable and cost effective solution around.

Note: the lighter brick texture in the gallery was made specifically for the Verti-Crete Licensee Recap Cappillari in Italy.