Verti-Block Lets The Light In

In Salt Lake City, Owell Precast is improving home values by using Verti-Block to hold back the earth and let the light in…to the basement.  Utah is known for having large families, so basements have become important living space for single family homes. A walkout basement allows for convenient access to the backyard and improves the flow of traffic when your teenagers invite their friends over to eat all your steak (Napoleon Dynamite reference).  A terraced egress, enhanced with the beauty of Verti-Block, also lets in more natural sunlight and improves the view from inside out.

Verti-Block’s hollow core design not only lowers material and transportation costs, it also guarantees the proper drainage to help avoid the buildup of hydrostatic pressure.  The versatility of its patent pending design gives your imagination the freedom to design with confidence.

With Verti-Block’s in-house 3D Design and Engineering services, you can see what the project will look like, I mean really look like, after it’s installed.  The 3D model can also help with take-offs to obtain accurate block counts.  That’s something the estimating department will appreciate.  It will also help the install crew know exactly which block to put where.

The backyard project modeled here incorporated several features including a Planter Row Inside Corner, an Interlaced Inside Corner, and a Step Down with Half-Step Block.  For a full set of instructional construction drawings and to view our Design Manuals for Gravity Walls and Reinforced Walls visit our Download section at

We’re also in beta testing for our Verti-Block Design & Analysis Engineering Software.  Click here to request an advanced copy or stay tuned for the full release shortly. This software will be available for free download to help engineers and wall designers create the most efficient Verti-Block segmental retaining walls for every condition with full engineering calculations and backup.